Horrible Hands – not just for Halloween… October 2012

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Students' Writing
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You must be wondering what Horrible Hands are.  Mine was made of water, red food colour and sugar. After I poured the mixture into a glove and tied it up, I put it in John’s freezer. When it was frozen, I got to eat it. I didn’t get to finish eating it, so I got to smash mine with a hammer. I had lots of fun. Jeremy.

We got the experiment Meta got us to make a week ago, called Horrible Hands. She told us to get some scissors and cut off the gloves. Finally when everyone had cut off their gloves, we put them in a container. Then we started eating them. Some people said it was sweet, some people said it was salty, some people’s tasted like nothing. It was really fun. Probably the best discovery ever. YEAH! Nisha

For Discovery Time, we made Horrible Hands. Some people changed the colour of their hand. And put sugar or salt in their hand. My hand was purple with sugar. It was so cold, my hand turned numb! Emma

My favourite part of Discovery Time was the frozen hands, because I smashed mine on the ground and it was really fun doing that. Hannah

How to make a Horrible Hand, by Shambhavi:

1. Take a bowl and make a solution of water, food colouring and salt & sugar (optional).

2. With a helping hand, pour the solution inside a plastic glove and tie the end of the glove with a rubber band.

3. Put it in the freezer and wait for a day or two.

4. Cut off the plastic glove and your Horrible Hand is ready.

The idea for Horrible Hands – a fun Science project – comes from the School Journal. Meta


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