The School’s Compost – A Maths Investigation

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thorndon School’s green compost buckets.

On the 23rd of July, Room 7 wanted to know how much compost the school produces in a week (hopefully a lot). We gathered the whole school’s compost buckets, (including the staff room’s and the hall’s). The compost buckets had not been emptied for a week.  We weighed an empty bucket  – it is 200 g. There are 14 buckets = 2,800 g =2.8 kg.

Next we weighed each bucket and wrote down the weight. Then we added the 14 numbers. The total weight of the compost (with the buckets) was 23,875 g. After we subtracted the weight of the empty buckets, the actual weight of the compost itself was 21,075 g = 21 kg and 75 g.

The class with the most compost was Room 9 with 2,850 g, but the place with the most compost was the staff room, with 3,300 g.

The average weight of the compost was roughly 1,500 g per bucket.

By Shambhavi Choudhury and Stella Saul of Room 7

I was surprised that the school produced 21 kg of compost over a week. I expected it to be more! It would be interesting to repeat this investigation later in the term. Hopefully we all get more into the habit of composting all our fruit/vegetable scraps, instead of accidently using the normal rubbish bin.  Meta


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