Goalball Extravaganza!!!

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

We played Goal ball, which is a sport in the Paralympics. It was amazingly fun. I think I speak for everyone here when I say it was AWESOME! Leanne and I set it up for the class, in the hall just after morning tea. Have you figured out who I am yet? No? You will later on.

Everyone was wearing blindfolds, they looked really hilarious. If you took them off or peeked you would be counted as a cheater, and be taken off the game for a while. Everyone went great, I could tell they wanted to take a peek, but couldn’t and wouldn’t. I suppose I should add that fair play is the key to all sport no matter what type of sport.

I was the best there… and I wonder why…? Now you’re probably wondering why you would play or watch this game if they’re blindfolded. What’s the point? Because the ball has a bell in it just so we can hear it. You have to block and score, that’s mainly it. There were teams of 3, not the biggest of numbers, but a big game to watch. You block the ball. One of my favourite strategies was to throw the ball backwards, to catch the other team off guard.  It’s not really a standing up game, you only stand up to throw the ball or move around the court. You lie down to block, or you can crouch and slide your legs out. Some people had a bit of trouble, blocking and standing up – it sounded like it hurt. It is like a normal game with scoring and that’s why you have to block, so those rascals on the other team don’t score. Now have you figured out who I am? I’ve given you enough clues. You should know by now.

The court is marked out with raised lines (rope taped down so it is tactile). You have to keep the ball inside the court and try and roll it past the other team.  But some people didn’t do too well. They mostly threw out instead of in the goal, because they had trouble orientating themselves under blindfold. I had some experience, so that’s why I was the best.

So apart from the tremendous pain, and epic failures, it was pretty enjoyable for everyone.

C.S. a.k.a my initials just so you can finally figure out who I am.

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