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Discovery Time! So far…

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In Term 1, our Discovery Time was when we kids taught the rest of the class a skill, for example Mia and Maia taught cupcake decorating. Poppy and Emma taught how to make gloop. Other skills were yoga, origami, planting, athletics, guitar, paper planes, Pokemon cards, skipping, crotchet, bath bombs and poi skills. Our favourite thing about Discovery,  is that we got to teach something we like to do, to other people.

In term 2, the whole Kakapo syndicate were put into small groups. We practiced new skills and worked in the same group all term. There were 12 groups for example film, cooking, craft, band, Science, woodwork, mural painting,  and drama. We had to write a reflection on what key competency we learned and a skill we learned, on a Google doc.  We had parents and our 3 teachers to help us.

For term 3 we will be doing Wearable Arts in class groups.

By Mia F. (the cupcake gobbler narwhal) and Poppy (the kebab narwhal)


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Our joined paper quilt.

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Room 7 Kowhai, Term 1, 2012